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Signature Cocktails: Four Things to Consider (AND Four Recipes!)

Everyone wants the same thing from their wedding day: for it to be as unique as they are! (Ironic, right?) One great way to set yourself apart from the next wedding is the inclusion of details that are tailor-made to fit your tastes. Our favorite way of seeing a couple's personality is through their signature cocktails. It's a great way to showcase what you and your partner love in a drink! You can also flex those creative muscles by naming those drinks yourself!

What's worse than standing in line at a bar while waiting for the bartender to get your drink together? Nothing. The answer is nothing. Help your guests skip this despair by picking a cocktail with few, but mighty, ingredients. According to Alex Day of the Death & Co cocktail bar, a cocktail only has four fundamental elements: the spirit, the balancing agent, the modifier, and water. If you're interested in reading more about the perfect simple cocktail, Alex Day elaborates more with Popular Mechanics here. Something else to consider while keeping it simple? Pick a cocktail that could also be modified into a mocktail so that all of your guests can enjoy! Keep it simple and choose this cocktail option.

Consider leaning into the weather of your event. Why? Because Professor Gavin Sacks describes it this way: nostalgia and memories play a part in how we conceive food and drink. Infusing your cocktail with cotton candy for the Summer or pumpkin spice in the Fall might not scientifically make a difference to your guests, but it will help them make a new core memory that includes your special day. Besides helping your guests reminisce, choosing a cocktail with seasonal ingredients will help your caterer make sure that they can deliver your vision. Want blueberries if they're out of season? You might not get the freshest flavor that you were hoping to achieve. Do you have an upcoming Fall wedding? Keep it seasonal and choose this cocktail option.

The "signature" part of the signature cocktail means that it should not only represent you and your partner, but that it should also stand out amongst the other beverages at your event. Give your signature cocktail the chance to be just as beautiful as you are! And in the age of social media, a fun garnish or splash of color always ups the ante for a beverage. Keep it beautiful and choose this cocktail option.

Whether you're getting married in your hometown or your hometown for the weekend, one of the best ways to celebrate is by giving back to your destination. Include a local distillery or brewery in your beverage lineup, if possible, because drinking local also keeps dollars in the pocket of your community. Craft makers love to showcase local flavors and ingredients, which also gives your out-of-town guests a chance to experience new drinks that they wouldn't get elsewhere. Keep it local and choose this cocktail option.

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