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Introducing The Palomar Cincinnati, a remarkable 1880s church where

historic beauty meets modern amenities to create a storybook day just for you.

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Originally built in 1884, this Gothic-style church was once the home of the Church of the Assumption, an Irish-American Catholic parish that dissolved in 1999. 

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The church was designed by renowned architect, Albert C. Nash, and built with Ohio River blue limestone. The magnificent property was used as a mixed-use space up until it was acquired in 2018.


Today, it has been carefully restored and brought back to life as a full-service premier event venue. This space will simply take your breath away with its extraordinary beauty and detailed architecture.

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From the ornate windows and vaulted ceiling adorned with hand-painted murals to the priceless marble tile and original wood floor, this exquisite venue will provide the perfect setting for an unforgettable day.

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